Phonathon Connect

Program Benefits

  • A staff member on-campus for software training
  • A phonathon coordinator assigned specifically to work with a liaison from your institution with pre-campaign organization
  • Cleaning your current database to ensure accurate information
  • Email pledge verification
  • Matching Gift database
  • Script building from one document
  • Customize call results for callers
  • Nightly and weekly electronic reports
  • Automatic data uploads for pledges, address changes, etc.
  • Management of your callable database from Wilson-Bennett Technology’s remote server
  • 24-hour software support and any new software updates
  • Recommendations for segmenting
  • Call center layout and placement of equipment and callers if needed
  • Training your staff in all areas of Wilson-Bennett Technology’s calling software, including but not limited to:
    • Caller module
    • Segmenting
    • Dialer settings
    • Campaign set-up
    • Script writing
    • Caller management
    • Reports
    • Printing pledge cards

Download our Phonathon Connect brochure.