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Database Accuracy 90%
Contact Rate 60%
Segmenting Accuracy 70%

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Phonathon Outreach takes place off-campus using well-trained Wilson-Bennett Technology callers, with a Wilson-Bennett Technology Director assigned to you from start to finish.

Phonathon Outreach reduces the amount of calling time by as much as a fourth of the time. We guarantee that our services are the most cost effective available.


  • Reduced calling time with better results
  • Advanced organizational planning with timelines
  • Customized Caller ID specific to your institution
  • Training our callers about your institution
  • Printing, preparation and mailing out of pledge cards
  • Effective calling structure that achieves a higher rate of contacts
  • Your staff will be available to focus on other responsibilities
  • The necessary equipment with state-of-the-art calling software
  • Evaluating your current program to understand your history
  • Establishing expectations and setting realistic goals
  • Script writing experience for specific segmentation appeals
  • Segmenting strategies for your database for calling
  • Reporting and analysis of calling statistics
  • Final report with a complete analysis of the phonathon

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